For over thirty years, Dr. Bugaj has brightened the smiles of his patients along the North Shore through his discerning aesthetic sense, expertise in the field of dentistry, and his life-long interest in the latest dental technology.

Our offices are well-appointed and welcoming, conveying a relaxing atmosphere to match the personality of Dr. Bugaj.  Along with our friendly, people-orientated, professional staff, Dr. Bugaj is committed to making your dental experience a painless and pleasant one.




He offers a myriad of cosmetic, family, and general dentistry services with the goal of giving you a healthy oral condition and environment that will last with minimal maintenance and expense over a lifetime. 

We accomplish this by using the highest quality and longest lasting materials available, along with the latest dental technology the art and science of dentistry has developed.  This will result in a bigger and brighter smile than the one you came in with. 

Thanks for visiting and we look forward to seeing your smiling face soon!



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